Project 50 Prints (12"x8")

Image of Project 50 Prints (12"x8")

£15.00 - On Sale

Prints of photos of your choice from my Project 50.

I see the Project 50 images to be some of the highest quality photos I've ever produced, putting hours of effort into shooting and post-processing each image, everyday, for 50 days.

The prints themselves are on high quality Fujifilm crystal photo paper. When your order, make sure to message me with the name(s) and number(s) of the photo(s) you are wanting (eg. 1/50-This Is Him). Also if you wish you can ask for the text & line to be removed from the image.

The money raised from this will go towards funding camera equipment for more projects like this in the future. I hope you enjoyed it and order lots of prints!